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Community Events

Our Community Coordinator and team of Community Assistants work to provide enriching and fun events for all our residents. From walkovers to Downtown Gainesville establishments to game nights, we provide a vast array of events to meet your needs of body, mind, and soul. Join us for a fitness class, resident meeting, movie night, or a fun holiday event. Our residents are also welcome to take part in any Graduate and Family Housing event. 


Our partnership with the University of Florida allows us to tap into great campus resources, including  the Career Connections Center, the Counseling and Wellness Center, GatorWell, and more. Take part in a community that cares for you and can provide these kinds of resources through an official partnership no other community in Gainesville can offer!

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Event Calendar


Event Gallery

Santa Visits The Continuum
Resident Winning our Monthly Riddle
Santa Visits The Continuum
Downtown Walkover
Continuum Runners Group
Pumpkin Decorating
Ice Cream Social
Pumpkin Decorating
Downtown Walkover - Farmer's Market
Active Streets Event
Active Streets Event
Active Streets Event
Active Streets Event
Resident Event
Meet the Staff
Valentine's Day Event
Pool Party
Resource Fair
Resource Fair
Resident Meeting
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