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view from university ave

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continuum pool deck

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studio apartment common area



In order to lease at The Continuum, you must be accepted to or enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program or be employed through the University of Florida or one of its partners. Graduate eligibility also includes 4th or 5th year seniors in a dual degree program that will result in a graduate degree.


Faculty and staff of the University of Florida, UFHealth/Shands, or business part of the Innovation Hub at UF also qualify. We will accept visiting faculty, research scholars, short-term graduate students, and many others who can prove affiliation with the University of Florida at a graduate level or higher.


These eligibility requirements stem from our official partnership with the University of Florida Housing & Residence Education as the only and official Graduate & Family Housing Affiliate community.

  • Once you are approved you will get an email to confirm your lease terms

  • Access and sign your lease electronically anytime, anywhere for your convenience

  • Your apartment assignment will be completed 3-6 weeks before your start date based on the preferences you note in your application

  • Rent can be paid online with a credit/debit card or bank draft or in the office with a check or money order





Frequently Asked Questions

What is a guarantor
How do I know if I qualify
What is an affiliation
What items come with the apartment
What does the application process
What leasing lengths
When will my lease begin

How do I know if I qualify to live at The Continuum?

In order to lease at The Continuum, you must be accepted to or enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program or be employed through the University of Florida or one of its partners. Graduate eligibility also includes 4th or 5th year seniors in a dual degree program that will result in a graduate degree. Unfortunately, being enrolled in graduate level coursework or being part of a post-baccalaureate program is not sufficient affiliation to live at The Continuum.


Faculty and staff of the University of Florida, UFHealth/Shands or affiliate center, or an Innovation Hub business such as MindTree and BioMonde also qualify.


Students at the English Language Institute at the University of Florida are permitted to live with us as long as they have completed a Bachelor's degree prior to their arrival.


We will accept visiting faculty, research scholars, short-term graduate students, post-doc students, and many others who can prove affiliation with the University of Florida at a graduate level or higher. These requirements stem from our University of Florida partnership.

What is an affiliation letter?

Because of our partnership with the University of Florida, part of the application process is submitting an "affiliation letter" to prove that you meet the criteria for residency. You can check out the types of students, faculty, and staff we accept in the above question. 


We require a letter on UF letterhead that includes your name, department/college/program, a date, and confirmation that you are part of the program; this should be signed by a specific person from your department or college. You can submit an acceptance letter or offer letter to prove your affiliation, as these letters typically have the above information. If you don't have something like this, you can reach out to your department to ask for a letter that gives us the information we need. What we are looking for is a current affiliation that shows you are a student of a graduate or professional degree program or are employed by UF.

Unfortunately, screenshots of ONE.UF, emails, letters without UF letterhead, course registration lists, or other non-letterhead items will not be sufficient for an approval. Additionally, letters that do not confirm current affiliation will not be accepted. Outdated acceptance or offer letters may be approved, but we will generally ask for a letter that is more recent, such as within the past year.

If your acceptance or offer is for a future date, you will still be permitted to sign a lease; if you end up not qualifying for a lease here because you choose not to attend UF or drop out of the program, then you can get in touch with us to discuss your cancelation options.

What items come with the apartment and what should I expect to bring?

All major appliances and main furniture items are ready for you when you move in, so you just need to bring your belongings and you can set up the apartment however you'd like! Linens, decor, kitchenware, small appliances, and any other personal items are all you need to bring.


We provide a washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and stove/oven. The furniture that is included would be a loveseat/sofa, lounge chair, entertainment stand, storage ottoman, 2 end tables, dining table and 2 chairs, full size captain's bed and mattress, desk, desk chair, and rolling storage cabinet. The only exception is in some of the studio layouts which may or may not have 2 dining chairs, an entertainment stand, or the desk set.


We always recommend purchasing renters insurance to protect your belongings.

What does the application process involve?

The first step is to complete our online application. After you submit the application, you can pay the application fee online (feel free to mail us a payment, too) and print the Rental Application form to send back to us. Your confirmation email will list all supporting documents we need. The unique requirement we have means we need a letter (on University of Florida letterhead, please) that proves your affiliation with the University of Florida, and this typically is an offer letter or acceptance letter. We also need the basics, which include a copy of your government-issued photo ID, financial documents showing proof of funds for 3x the monthly rent installment, and any guarantor documents if you need to use a guarantor. After your documents are submitted we will complete the application check and let you know soon about your approval.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who is providing their financial documentation instead of yours so that you can qualify to sign a lease. The Guaranty Agreement they sign makes them financially responsible for your lease in case something happens to you. The documents they submit are more or less a substitute for yours. There is no fee to become a guarantor, but the Guaranty Agreement does need to be notarized unless it is signed in our office.

When will my lease begin? Do you prorate rent?

Leases are offered on the 1st of each month. We may be able to offer certain move in dates based on availability, but will only lease for a date for which we can guarantee apartment availability.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any early move-ins for August, but may have availability for earlier. If you need a specific date you are welcome to discuss your need with us and we will do our best.

Unfortunately, we do not prorate rent. The first month's installment will be due on the start date of your lease regardless of when during the month it begins.

Do you offer individual leases?

Yes! For our two and four bedroom apartments, you can sign an individual lease that best meets your unique need. You will be responsible for your bedroom and bathroom and half of the common areas. We recommend that if you will be living with a roommate(s), whether you have us choose one for you through Roommate Matching or you have one in mind already, that you each sign separate leases. There is greater flexibility and reduced responsibility by having a separate, individual lease. We call individual leases "Roommate Match" leases, and you can find more information about our matching in the FAQs a couple questions below.

Do you allow joint leases?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that we only allow joint leases if both residents qualify to live at The Continuum on their own (they need to prove their affiliation status and have good financial standing). Anyone living in a studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom full apartment can have a joint lease with someone else, but if an individual lease for a two or four bedroom is being signed for, we do not permit this lease to be a joint one. For roommate situations, we recommend against signing joint leases as the responsibility for each person is much greater.

We welcome you to talk with our leasing team about the differences between regular, joint, and individual leases.

How do I access and sign my lease electronically?

The majority of our leases are sent as electronic documents to be signed online by the leaseholder. Because leases are legal documents, we require that the person who will be signing the lease is also the person who will receive the electronic copy to complete. The email will have instructions on how to open your lease and complete it.


After you click the link in the email to open your lease document, you will verify your identity by entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. If you don't have a SSN, it will be your four-digit birth year. The service will walk you through the process of signing the lease electronically with your initials and signatures. If there is a section (such as pet or vehicle information) that doesn't apply to you, you can put "N/A" or a dash in those fields. The document will require you to complete each field before making the "Finish" option available to you.


Please do not download and sign your lease on paper unless you are able to scan and email us the finished copy. Uploading the completed scan to the service does not guarantee that we will receive your signed lease. If you are having trouble getting the "Finish" button to populate, you can try disabling pop-ups for the site. In the event you have any difficulty accessing or signing your lease, please call our office M-F 9a-6p.

Can someone live in the apartment with me?

If you are going to be living in a studio or one bedroom or will be leasing a full two bedroom, someone else can live with you. Studios and one bedrooms are limited to 2 residents and two bedrooms to 4 residents. Anyone living in the apartment with you just needs to apply to be a resident, pay the application fee, and submit a copy of their government-issued photo ID. If you have any additional questions on who qualifies or what is required, please reach out to our office.

What is roommate matching?

Roommate Matching is a service we provide so that you don't have to stress about finding someone to live with. We take a a look at each potential roommate's preferences as listed on their application and match based on gender and affiliation status (student or staff). We look at multiple facets and do our absolute best to ensure that you will be with someone compatible. Please remember that roommate matching preferences are preferences, not guarantees, and that we are looking at the paper version of you, but we feel strongly that this process ensures a greater likelihood of having an excellent roommate.


If you already know someone living at The Continuum, have a friend signing at the same time, or otherwise want to arrange a roommate, you are welcome to request that roommate. If at all possible we will ensure you are matched together. Usually the only reason we can't accommodate a request like that is if the person you're trying to live with already has a roommate.

What transportation options are there to UF campus?

The Continuum has two RTS bus stop locations directly outside the community. With easily-accessible stops on SW 2nd Avenue and University Avenue, campus, downtown, and greater Gainesville are all close by. Routes 1 and 5 go to campus locations.


Because of our partnership with the University of Florida, all of our residents can utilize the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP) service. With a Continuum ID card, you can call SNAP and easily get between campus and home after dark. Learn more about SNAP here or check out our Getting Around page.

What fees do you charge?

The application fee of $50 is per resident and is due at the time of application. The $200 administrative fee is due by the start date of your lease. The application fee covers the cost of processing your application. The administrative fee is for the leasing process and is non-refundable.


There is an option for applicants to submit a security deposit in lieu of sufficient financial documentation, but we don't require them in most other cases. Please contact us for more information if you believe you will need this option.

We have a pet fee and pet rent for anyone who will be bringing their furry friends with them. You can read more in the question below.

What's your pet policy?

We welcome pets! We have a beautiful dog park in the center of our community for you and your furry friends.


Our weight limit is 60 lbs and we will allow up to two pets, as long as their combined weight doesn't exceed that amount. We have some breed restrictions for dogs, so if you will be bringing a pet with you or have plans to adopt one while you're here, make sure to reference your lease or ask the office for more information on which breeds are restricted (the list is also on our application). We require pets to be registered, so please be prepared to submit vet records with vaccination information, license information, and a photo of your pet.


Pet rent is $35 per month per pet and a one-time, non-refundable pet fee of $250 is due when registering the pet. The pet fee is per lease, so it will cover both pets if you have more than one.


As for pets other than cats and dogs, most of them are allowed, but to be safe we ask that you check with us first.

When is rent due and how do I pay?

Rent is due the day your lease begins for the first full month and on the 1st of every subsequent month. Rent is considered late after the 5th day of each month. We accept online credit/debit payments (subject to an additional 2.5% service fee) and e-check/bank drafts as well as checks, money orders, and credit/debit card payments in-office. You can set up recurring monthly payments through our resident portal. If you need assistance with your rent payments, contact us.

Because we are student-friendly, we also accept financial aid. Students will need to fill out a Financial Aid Agreement form and provide a copy of their ONE.UF account statement in advance to qualify. Any questions should be directed to our leasing office as early as possible.

What Internet and television options are provided?

We provide high-speed Internet, both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, as well as HDTV. Our channel package includes extended options with movie channels. Both of these services are included in rent and are through Single Digits Networks. Wi-Fi is available throughout the community. Ethernet ports and coaxial cable ports are located in each bedroom area and common area. These cables are not provided.


You can check out our Internet and Television page for more information on Single Digits.


The service does require set up when you move in, as you will need to register your devices using the account Single Digits sets up for you upon move in. In the event that you have trouble connecting your devices or run into service issues, please contact Single Digits directly. You are also welcome to upgrade your service or purchase a DV-R for use in your apartment. Upgrades can be completed through Single Digits directly and you will be billed through them for any additional services.


Some older or off-brand televisions may not be compatible with our HDTV service, especially if they can only read analog signals. In this case, Single Digits recommends an iView converter box available from many sellers or on here.

Where can I park as a resident?

We have 100% covered parking for all resident spaces for $50 for resident vehicles and $15 for scooters. Any resident living with us is permitted a decal for their vehicle. Our parking garage is 5 floors with the 2nd-4th floors for residents and the 5th floor designated for guests. A few spaces on the 1st floor are for Future Residents, so if you are coming to visit our community and take a tour please feel free to use these spaces.


  • Residents may park anywhere in the parking garage on the 1st through 4th floors EXCEPT for areas designated for Staff (1st & 2nd floor), Scooters (sections of the 2nd-4th floors), Bicycles (1st floor), Motorcycles (2nd floor), Pay to Park/Park on the Fly (east rows of the 1st floor), or as non-parking spaces. Decaled residents may also park in the Future Resident spaces but only during the posted hours. We advise against parking in these spaces in the event that you forget to move your vehicle before the posted hours are up!

  • Guests may park in any space on the 5th floor under the solar panels (NOT on ramp). Guest vehicles will need decals. Please note guest parking may not be used for guests to park and walk/bus to campus and any person in violation of this will have their vehicle towed without warning.

  • A decal is required for any car, motorcycle, or scooter wishing to utilize resident parking spaces and the decal is only good for garage parking. Bicycle tags are also required. The decal should be displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the front windshield at all times. Decals expire on August 1st of each year; residents are responsible for ensuring that they have a valid decal.


Additionally, there is street parking available on SW 2nd Avenue and SW 5th Terrace. These spaces are city-owned and are not controlled by The Continuum. Each space is subject to towing based on the posted signage. Please note that parking is not permitted in the roundabout area off SW 5th Terrace. Parking in the Pay to Park spaces on the 1st floor of our garage require reservation and payment and may be utilized by guests if they wish to pay. Resident decals do NOT permit parking in these spaces and may result in your vehicle being towed or booted.

Who is the Community Coordinator and what is their role at The Continuum?

The Continuum's Community Coordinator is our University of Florida representative and serves our community like other area coordinators do for the Graduate and Family Housing Villages. Their role is for YOU, to build community, be a resource, and provide fulfilling events and programs to the residents. Your Community Coordinator is your link to campus resources and a go-to for community concerns, roommate or neighbor complaints, or other personal needs.


The team of Community Assistants works to provide events and opportunities to the community and each of them can also be a resource for you. They assist in the leasing office and with other community tasks. They also perform after-hours lockouts and are people you can contact in the event of an urgent situation after hours. Please see the information on After-Hours Emergencies for contact and additional information. 


If you have an idea for an event or project, you can reach out to either our Community Coordinator or one of the Community Assistants. See more about what they do on our Community page.

What kind of community events are there?

Because of our partnership with the University of Florida, we can bring you great programming from on campus and you are also able to attend any event put on by Graduate and Family Housing (fitness classes, cultural events, family events, etc.). On-site events in a typical month will include socials, giveaways, fitness classes, walkovers to downtown establishments, resource events, and movie or game nights. Learn more and see event photos here!

What if I decide not to attend UF?

If you decide not to attend the University of Florida or for whatever reason become disaffiliated before you move in, you may qualify to cancel your lease. There is a fee associated with lease cancellation as well as a deadline structure for these fees. If you think this may apply to you or you want to get some more information about the process, please contact our leasing office or our Assistant Director of Marketing and Leasing directly as soon as possible.

What does maintenance include and how do I submit a service request?

If you have any items needing attention in your apartment, we are happy to help. Basic repairs will be taken care of for you and we have 24-hour emergency maintenance to address more urgent concerns. We strive to respond to all requests within 48 business hours. Our maintenance team also completes routine HVAC unit cleans.


To submit a maintenance request, you can log in to your Resident Portal account at any time. You can also call us or stop by the office during office hours.

When will I know information about my apartment?

Assignments are completed on a rolling basis and are heavily dependent on the time of year. In general, we complete assignments 3-6 weeks prior to your expected move in date. Sometimes we see delays in providing our new summer residents with their apartment information since availability tends to be tighter, but we still do our best to provide you with the information as early as possible. If you have specific questions about your assignment you are welcome to contact us prior to this time-frame, just know we may not be able to provide you with an answer just yet.

When we do have your assignment finalized, we'll send you an email that will include your new apartment number, address, and information about rent payment and the move-in process.

We complete assignments on a "first signed, first assigned" basis. In addition to the preferences you list on your application, we also must account for the availability we will have at the time you will be moving in. In general, the earlier you sign, the greater the likelihood is of getting your top choice. The exception to this would be if you are moving in early in a month or during a time of year when availability is very limited, such as during the summer or in January. As our apartments fill up, we may be unable to meet your preferences in full, but still do our best to assign you to an apartment as close to your preferences as possible. Sometimes everyone's preferences line up well with our availability, too, since not everyone has the same requests, so even late-signers may occasionally see their top preferences met.

Can I transfer apartments?

We do our best to permit apartment transfers at any time as long as we have availability, so it's best that you ask us first to find out what is available. Any leases considered a lateral transfer or an upgrade can take place at any point during the year, pending availability. Any "downgrades" can only be completed between lease terms. Most of our transfers take place during the summer as that is when our availability is much greater. Unfortunately, there are times when we are unable to allow transfers. This mainly happens when we run out of availability or do not have the apartment you're requesting available.

We require a $350 transfer fee to move apartments regardless of when this takes place. We provide you with the opportunity to discuss any preferences you may have with our leasing team and then when it comes time to move, you can have a few days to do so. The transfer fee is usually due at the time that you complete the transfer lease.

If you are interested in transferring apartments, the more notice we have, the better. Please get in touch with our Assistant Director of Marketing and Leasing for more information.

What if I am faculty and need a short term lease?

We have a policy in place for faculty and staff looking to buy, rent, or build a home in Gainesville. Please inquire with the leasing team for more information about how we can help.

Do you offer individual leases
Do you allow joint leases
How do I access and sign my lease
Can someone live in the apartment with me
What is roommate matching
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