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Completing your Room Condition Report (RCR)

After you move in, we ask that you complete the RCR within 48 hours. To access the report, log in to your Resident Portal account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one. Please note that it takes up to 1 business day for your account to be approved through the office and therefore your access may be delayed.


After you log in to the portal, click the tab at the top for the RCR. Open the report and fill it out; it will walk you through each area of your apartment. You can add photos as well. Once you are finished, submit the report and it will be added to your record.


If you would like to, you can download PBInspector app (for iOS and Android) and complete the RCR on your mobile device.

After-Hours Emergencies


In the event of an emergency, call 911. Though we provide emergency maintenance and lockout services after our office hours, these are not appropriate alternatives for law enforcement's involvement when necessary. GPD's non-emergency line is (352) 334-2400.


  • For an after-hours maintenance emergency, please reference the list of items that we can help with and call (352) 339-9835.

  • If you are locked out after hours or need urgent assistance, please call a Community Assistant at (352) 231-5489.


Make sure to leave a callback number and include your name, apartment number, and description of the issue.

Please note that after-hours lockouts may incur a $25 lock out charge. One free after-hours lockout is provided per resident per lease term.

Items you can Check Out

  • Vacuum

  • Roll-Away Bed

  • Tool Kit

  • Jumper Cables

  • Electronic Jump Starter

  • Bike Repair Kit

  • Bike Tire Pump

  • Flat Cart

  • Dolley

  • Wagon

Request a Renewal Lease

Complete the form below to request a renewal lease. Be sure to include the lease end date that you would like. Leases can end May 31 (limited availability), June 30 (limited availability), or July 31 of a given year. You can also request a lease extension through any of these end dates. Please note that if the renewal lease is 9 months or shorter a $50 monthly premium will be added on top of the rental rate offer; pet rent is also not included and will be additional to your offered rate. Check your email or contact the office if you would like more information about the renewal rates we are currently offering.

















Move Out Information

We're so sorry to see you go! Before you do, make sure you ask us about any leasing options or policies that may apply to you and meet your needs. We offer a variety of options that may be helpful to you.


If you know you will be moving out, you can go ahead and let us know. By letting us know early on, we can better estimate availability for incoming residents and we can refrain from sending you more renewal information.


Once you know when you will be moving out, the next thing we'll need from you is a completed Intent to Vacate form. This form is due 60 days before your lease expires if possible but no later than 30 days before (remember that all leases expire the last day of the month). After you submit this form, take a look at our Move Out Tips to get an idea of how we expect your apartment to be after you move out. You can also print and hold onto the Move Out Form, which is the form that you'll return with all of your keys. Don't forget all apartment keys, mailbox keys, FOBs, white access cards, parking decals, and bike tags.

Renters Insurance


While we don't require our residents to have renters insurance, we highly recommend it. A basic policy costs dollars a month and can protect your belongings from accidental damages you, neighboring residents, or acts of God may cause to your apartment and its contents (water, fire, smoke, etc.). Without renters insurance, you have no coverage for personal property loss or damage.


Have you ever thought about how much the stuff in your apartment or dorm is worth? If you lost it all, would you and your family be able to afford to replace it? Renters Insurance protects you from property losses and damages, as well as liability risks. As a renter, you may not think you need Renters Insurance. But you may not realize that your landlord's policy doesn't cover your belongings. 


Lease Termination

Because of our official partnership with the University of Florida and the requirement for you to be affiliated with University of Florida in a specific way, we offer our residents the option of terminating once their UF affiliation ends. The option of termination is available at any time during your lease term, provided that you can provide documentation supporting your disaffiliation or registered internship/rotation more than 30 miles outside of Gainesville. This option is the only way to terminate a lease once you have moved into your apartment. Please review this document for a brief summary of what lease termination entails and contact our Assistant Director of Marketing and Leasing for further assistance.

Guest Policy

Guests are permitted for a reasonable length of time (defined as no more than two weeks) with prior written consent of management. Please notify us of any guest staying beyond 72 hours. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests and must accompany them for use of any amenities. Any guests found to be using the amenities without the resident they’re staying with may be asked to leave.


If someone will be living in the apartment with you longer than 2 weeks, please contact us for more information about the next step. You can also read more about this under the Frequently Asked Question about additional residents.


Please ensure that your guests, if they will be parking in the garage, park ONLY on the 5th floor of the garage (under the solar panels).

Mail and Package Information

Your Mailbox

Your mailbox number is specific to your apartment. Mailboxes are shared by all residents of the apartment. If you forget your mailbox number, we can help you. This number is for your personal reference and should not be part of your mailing address.


Your Address

All mail should be addressed to you and have your full address and apartment number listed. Mail sometimes will not be delivered if the address does not include the apartment number, depending on each carrier’s policies, so please be careful.


Mis-addressed Mail

It is best to contact the carrier if you have a package arriving that has an incomplete or incorrect address on it. If it comes to the leasing office, as long as it has your name or the apartment number on it, we are generally able to get it to you. If we receive mail for your apartment addressed to someone other than you, it is at risk for being returned to sender. Please make sure that anyone receiving mail has applied and is listed as a resident for your apartment. If this has not been done, let us know in advance that we will be receiving a package for someone else. This way, we will know to hold on to it. We're not responsible for mail that is not received by us or is returned to sender if it was mis-addressed.


Forwarding Mail

Since the US Postal Service does not directly deliver mail here, they will not accept forwarding requests via their Change of Address form. In order to forward mail to here or from here, you will need to go to There is a small fee associated with forwarding your mail. Alternately, you can contact each of the institutions with which you do business and update your address with them. We cannot forward mail for you, but we will hold onto it for you after you move out if we have prior knowledge of mail arriving for you. Otherwise any mail we receive after you move out will be returned to sender. If you transfer apartments, you will need to forward your mail using the above described process or update your address with each of your institutions.



All USPS mail is delivered directly to your mailbox by our vendor, US Postal Solutions. Small packages from USPS (or ones that are handed over to USPS) that don’t fit in your mailbox will be left in the parcel lockers for you to retrieve at your convenience. Some of these parcels may be brought to the leasing office if there is no space or if the parcel is too large to fit in a locker. US Postal Solutions cannot sign for packages on your behalf without prior permission. In these cases, you will receive a peach slip in your mailbox. You can take this slip to the local post office to pick up your package or see the instructions on the slip or online for more options.


Retrieving Mail from a Parcel Locker

If there is a key in your mailbox, this means you have a package in a parcel locker. Check the keychain for the parcel locker number and find the parcel box number on one of the towers. This number may be in a tower farther down than where you usually check your mail. The key will then be locked in the door to the locker and can only be released by USPS or Continuum staff.


Packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL, Etc.

All other carriers bring packages to the leasing office since they do not have access to the mailboxes. All packages we receive are logged by our staff and securely stored in our leasing office for pickup during office hours. Delivery times vary, and packages will not be delivered on holidays or on days that our leasing office is otherwise closed. If you are expecting a delivery at a time our office will not be open to accept packages, you can make other arrangements with the carrier in advance.


Package Notifications

Email notifications are sent to you for each package we receive for you. You can also opt in for text message notifications and add "agents" so someone else can retrieve your packages for you. If you need help with this, stop by the leasing office. A notification will automatically be sent after 14 days notifying you that your package has been returned to sender, but this doesn't always mean we have returned it. If you are unable to pick up your package within 14 days please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


USPS Package Tracking

Since mail is delivered by US Postal Solutions, the tracking for your USPS-delivered packages is sometimes not accurate. A status of “delivered” on your tracking typically means that it was delivered to its final destination by the US Postal Service, which is the local post office. Our US Postal Solutions delivery personnel pick up all mail and packages in the morning so anything arriving to the post office after this pick-up will not be delivered until the following day. Express Mail may be delivered by US Postal Service personnel directly to our office throughout the day.

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